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  • Counseling: as explained throughout this site is defined as individual, couple and family member counseling. Covering marriage & relationships, parenting, divorce, grief, depression, addictions, abuse, and most emotional issues that impede one's ability to function at an emotionally healthy level. Clinical issues such a severe: bi-polar, phobias, personality disorders, anxiety disorders, etc. may require additional mental health and/or psychiatric support. John also works with military personnel and their families dealing with the stresses of pre and post deployment.
  • Teaching: can be in the form of public speaking or preaching to a large group or interactive setting and address subject matter requested by the host or selected based upon the nature of the event, audience or setting.
  • Seminars: can range from one day, multi-day, series of weekly dates (i.e. series of Wednesday nights or Sunday mornings).
  • Retreats: weekend or overnight with the frequencies and length of sessions decided by the organizers. 
  • Topics: Relationships, Parenting, Marriage, Families. Emotional Issues such as depression, abuse, addictions. Spiritual Issues such as: Biblical principles for emotional health, Discipleship, Spiritual Maturity, Abundant Life.
  • Pulpit Supply: can include one time, special occasions, intermittent or series of services. Having preached for over 35 years in all kinds of church & denominations, John has a sensitivity to both the differences and similarities in the Christian Faith and is known for his ability to motivate and illustrate Biblical truth. Having been a senior pastor, he is supportive and submissive to the pastoral leadership in the churches where he speaks.
  • Pastoral Care: John seeks to be sensitive to the pressures and stresses on pastors and their families. He is open to coming along side those suffering from those stresses, burnout or conflict in a confidential way.
  • Fees: Counseling Sessions are $75 per session and a session lasts from 75-90 minutes. Some exceptions can be made where financial hardship or limitations exist. For public speaking the hosts honorarium policy or love offering is accepted.
  • Sponsors and Support: because there are those who cannot afford the full fees for services and John hopes to never turn anyone away for financial reasons, sponsors or donors are encouraged to give. Donations and/or sponsorships can be made to Abundant Life Services (see Contact page for mailing address). For more information contact John Mumper via the info on the Contact page.
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